About Me

I am Abhinav Gangumalla from Hyderabad and have been in the space of sustainable living for the past 9 years. I am passionate about food, farming and nature. I started my journey with a small terrace garden and composting unit on my terrace way back in 2008. With time, my interest in the area grew and i ended up being a farmer by 2012. I run a CSA model store and a farm to table cafe in Hyderabad along with a partner and have been providing nutritious and safe food to people.

I owe my journey to a lot of interesting people who have guided me through their work, writings and direct interactions. My fundamentals and philosophies of farming are primarily drawn from Fukuoka who opines that “All begins with relinquishing human knowledge”. I am a keen observer of nature and an eternal learner. I have learnt Permaculture Design under the guidance of Geoff Lawton and design my farms around the principles of Earthcare, Peoplecare and return of surplus.

As i was farming i realised the role of food in human health. My vision of growing safe food became much more wider and gravitated towards a healthier world, which made me pursue a certification in nutrition. Through this blog i would like to share my learnings with amazing readers like you, who believe in a healthier world.