Dear Women,

If you have decided to fast on karwachauth, I am not really sure if its good for your husbands, but you sure will be reaping great benefits. So go for it by all means. People have been fasting for thousands of years across cultures and religions. Muslims fast during Ramzan, Christians during Lent and Hindus on various occassions. Some of the most intelligent people who walked the planet believed in its powers.  Pythagoras used to make his students fast before admitting them to class. So here goes the list:

1. Fasting makes you lose weight and fat

When you fast for a whole day, the body will first exhaust all your glycogen reserves and will eventually turn to fat for fuel. The glycogen reserves typically take 12-16 hour to exhaust, which is mostly the sleep during your previous night (yes you need energy to maintain all the activities in your body during sleep) and for most of the fasting next day you will burn fat.

2. Fasting gives mental clarity

When we face starvation our body organs respond by reduction in size, with two exceptions. The reproductive system and the brain. The reproductive capabilities are preserved to save the race and cognitive function is preserved to be able to look for food. If this wasn’t the case the early man wouldn’t have survived the food scarcities in his times!

3. Fasting improves insulin sensitivity

The fundamental problem in people with obesity and type 2 diabetes is insulin resistance. Which means that your cells are not responding to insulin, as there is too much of it all the time. When you fast, there is zero insulin response, as there is no food input. This ‘no insulin’ period makes the cells more resposive to insulin. In simple terms it’s similar to how a 30 ml peg can give you a high if you are having alcohol after a break from it.

4. Fasting reduces inflammation

In the modern day lifestyle given the frequent eating we have constant levels of elevated insulin. Insulin beyond a point is inflammatory. Fasting reduces inflammation by reducing insulin levels.

5. Fasting has Anti Ageing effects

The 2016 Nobel prize in medicine went to a Japanese researcher who worked on a process called Autophagy which is induced by fasting. Autophagy is the process of cellular cleansing. When the food intake is stopped, the body essentially recycles all old and foreign proteins giving you a rejuvenated state. It’s like the servicing of your car, replacing worn out parts for a smoother and longer ride!

6. Fasting is good for heart health

When the body has stored enough glycogen it converts the excess carbohydrates to triglycerides. Elevated triglycerides are an indicator of bad cardiovascular health. When  you fast the glycogen reserves are exhausted and thus the body doesn’t produce triglycerides. Regular fasting can thus bring down triglycerides and keep your heart healthy.

So on the whole if your keep the rituals and religion aside, fasting comes with tremendous health benefits and does the reason/ritual matter as long as the benifits are there? Our ancestors probably where smart enough to know all this. So let this be the beginning of your health journey!

P.S: Dear Men, If you are looking for a zero cost option of winning you loved ones heart, do fast along with her in solidarity. Love, Saving and Health at one shot!!

Yours sincerely
Farmer Abhinav (exploring where science meets tradition!)

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