On a recent flight, along with the meal I was served a cadbury Perk. It was xtra chocolaty claimed the pack and so the curious me looked for the actual chocolate content and it turned out to be less than 5%. It’s worth knowing the kind of of chocolate that’s advised for health reasons is dark chocolate with at least 70% chocolate.

Now I moved on to the nutrition label which opened the Pandoras box. The sugar content of this chocolate is a whopping 44.6%.  This pack is a 13 gram serving so it essentially means that you are actually eating 5.8 grams of sugar which is equal to almost 23 Kcal of sugar. The USDA ideal  guideline for daily  intake of sugar is 5% of total calories. So if you are on a 2000 kcal diet ideally your daily sugar intake should not be more than 100Kcal. So a single perk will exhaust 23% of your daily sugar allowance.

We can never underestimate the comforting power of marketing. A part of the packaging says it provides only 3% of the energy GDA (Guideline daily amount). But the fact is that it is giving you 23% of the GDA of deadly sugar while giving only 3% of energy.


The other interesting component is the saturated fat that comes from hydrogenated vegetable oils. These are oils that are not very healthy as they raise LDL the bad cholesterol. Further it also has transfats. If there is one kind of fat that the entire medical community has agreed to be harmful to humans, it’s transfats!

And not mention all the emulsifiers, agents and improver enzymes. So finally I have decided where it belongs and promptly put it there.

P.S: Dear Jet Airways, this little treat is not helping your passengers in any way and it further is unhealthy. I appreciate that you work with save the children foundation. May be it’s time you also associate with some small scale women enterprise and provide us a more healthy desert like a millet laddoo. I will look forward to this change, because as a platinum frequent flyer I have no option but to come back to You!!

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