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Abhinav – Wellness Coach

Elevate Your Health


The best investment that you can make today is the investment in your health. As you move up the ladder of success, one of the most common limiting factor is health concerns. I have personally experienced it being border line obese at an age of 25. By redefining my lifestyle i have realised the true potential of human body and grew healthier by the day. Through my wellness journey i help people achieve their best selves with razor sharp focus on nutrition given my expertise in the area of farming and food. We also focus on more wholistic aspects like sleep, emotional health, purpose in life to name a few.  Read More

Sustainable Farming 

Farming was the beginning of my wellness journey. In 2010 i started Hyderabad’s first green store and farmers market with an aim to provide safe food to citizens and fair price to farmers. One thing led to other and i got into full time farming by 2013. Since then i have designed many farms with biodiversity and water as the corner stones. I have worked with some of the most prominent business families of the country and some amazing NGO’s to deliver fresh and nutritious produce by design.  

We have over time brought a professional approach to farming and specialise in food forests, animal systems, drip irrigation, bio pesticides. Our team that has stuck to me with for the last 10 years has pledged to connect the dots and work towards a healthier nation. 



I’m Farmer Abhinav

I operate in the space of Farm – Food – Wellness, towards a healthier world. I believe that food and health are deeply interconnected in a complex web and that the dialogue is complete only if we acknowledge this. I believe that each one of us has a role to play either by discovering a better version of ourselves or by being a role model for the family and society at large. Come join me in this journey towards a healthy planet!!


What I Offer

Wellness Consulting

Over the years i have worked with numerous people towards improving their health by understanding their context and capabilities and accordingly designing the most appropriate wellness program for them. People have lost weight, became sharper and took on life with a new perspective. 

Farm Design & Build 

For everyone who can afford good farm, i strongly suggest to do it, as its not just buying food, but being a part of the whole process which has the power of transforming you as a person. A good design will pay for itself in the long run and create abundance over a period of time.

Corporate Sessions

Education and awareness is an important part of this puzzle. A healthy workforce is a productive workforce. As a two time TEdx speaker and having delivered sessions at major corporate houses like HSBC, Infosys, Capital IQ, S&P, Piramal Enterprise, i would love to help you define your health goals and achieve them with a tangible plan as an organisation.

Easy as1,2,3. wellness coaching

How It Works

Book a Consultation!

During this stage we evaluate your current health context in terms of baseline health markers, efforts made in the past, limiting factors, strengths and willingness

Agree on a Plan!

As a wellness coach i would design a bespoke habit based lifestyle change program for you and equip with the right knowledge to work on cultivaiting these 

Monitor and Handhold!

I would be your ally during the implementation phase with zero judgement. We might fall but we shall get up together and march forward towards  a healthy you!

Evaluation of progress on Performance Indicators!

What gets measured gets managed. All through the program we shall record the agreed performance indicators on a regular basis and make sure we are in the right direction!

Farm Design

How It Works

Call us for an evaluation site visit

During this stage we evaluate your property and needs as an individual and a family and give high level recommendations on the possibilities

Engage us for a design

A good design pays for itself in the long run. Given our extensive experience in working across various cities and climates, we build a climate specific design that considers the local bio diversity, sowing seasons and practices. 

Build the farm

Once the design stage is through, you could either hire us to build it or supervise the work of your preferred contractor. We make sure that the design is translated onto ground avoiding any type 1 mistakes


We also operate farms once we build them to enable consistent supply of seasonal produce for the owners. 


Recent Work

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